Mission: The PNWACC provides community to Alutiiq People residing outside traditional homelands by delivering both in person and online opportunities which will reawaken traditional ways of being; help Alutiiq/Sugpiaq people root themselves in their cultural identity, improve health outcomes, build multigenerational community connections, encourage respect for the environment, and promote the active use of the Alutiiq language.


Vision: PNW Alutiiq Culture Camp connects Sugpiaq people to each other, their culture, and their community through revitalizing cultural practices and language.


Values: The Values of the PNWACC are centered on the people, the land and culture; with the goal that we will pass Sugpiaq culture down to our future generations. Our Values include:


  • Courage – To reclaim our culture, language and ways of being.

  • Collaboration – Partnership with and support of other native organizations.

  • Inclusiveness – All Sugpiaq people are Sugpiaq enough.

  • Integrity – Providing quality service in all facets.

  • Healing – Harm caused by generations of colonialism.

    • Breaking down artificial barriers between Sugpiaq people.

  • Compassion – For where each Sugpiat is in their journey.

  • Respect – For our elders, our culture, the environment, and all people including ourselves.

We are excited to do this work to help our people and ourselves heal through our ways of being.


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2022 Teachers:

Tim Metrokin

Andrew Abyo

Mellisa Meyer

Michaila Taylor

Alexandria Christiansen Troxell

Qangyuk Natalia Schneider

Jodall Matson

Heather Metrokin-Cannon

Jessica Towns-Camara, M.S.

Tanya Larson 

Alumni Teachers:

Alicia Drabek, Phd. 

Andrew Abyo

Dehrich Isuwiiq Chya, MA.

Ezra Sholl

Hanna Agasuuq Sholl 

Heather Metrokin Cannon

Jessica Towns-Camara, MS.

June Pardue

Natalia Schnieder

Stevi Frets

Sven Haakanson, PHD.

Vicki Puquisqaq Era-Pankretz


The PNW Alutiiq Culture Camp impetus was a hunger for our culture. A small group of PNW Sugpiat/Alutiit (including Ellie Dinglasa Stewart, Vickie Era-Pankretz, Ingrid Hansen, Brandee Era-Miller and Jessica Towns-Camara) wanted to create space to share our knowledge and stories and to simply be with other Alutiiq people.

The Evergreen State College Longhouse Foundation (501c3) has generously taken PNWACC on as an independently run part of their workshop programing. The TESC Longhouse is our non-profit manager and handles all incoming and outgoing funds. PNW Alutiiq Culture Camp is not an independent 501c3.

The PNW Alutiiq Culture Camp Team still has complete autonomy in choosing what programming we offer at camp. We also write all the funding requests though some may be turned in on our behalf by the TESC Longhouse Foundation.


Guiding Voices (Core Volunteer Planning Group)

Heather Metrokin Cannon (Sun'aq Tribe & Bristol Bay Native Corp)

Jessica Towns-Camara (Native Village of Pilot Point & BBNC) 

Evergreen Representative

Laura VerMeulen (Tlingit/Haida & Sealaska)

Ikayut Team (Volunteer Helpers)

Community Member - Tanya Larson (Koniag)

Quyakapet Members (Honorary Members)

Elder & Artist - Vickie Puquisqaq Era-Pankretz (Koniag & Natives of Kodiak)

Elder - Tim Metrokin (Sun'aq Tribe and BBNC)

Past Team Members

Ellie Dinglasa Stewart (Koniag & Natives of Kodiak) - 2018-2019

Ingrid Hansen (BBNC)​ -2019

Brandee Era-Miller (Koniag & Natives of Kodiak) - 2019-2020

Ronna Myles-Era​ (Koniag & Natives of Kodiak) - 2020

Hanna Agasuuq Sholl (Koniag, Sun'aq Tribe, Leisnoi, Afognak Native Corporation & Natives of Kodiak) - 2019-2021