Alutiiq Naming Panel - March 2021

To encourage and build resiliency in our Sugpiaq People, PNW Alutiiq Culture Camp is excited to offer this cultural learning opportunity. 

Our community members often bring questions about naming protocol and ask us how to receive and give Sugpiaq names. We have gathered those questions to guide our discussion. To address this need we have asked a panel of experts and culture bearers to join with us to share their knowledge of Sugpiaq naming. Quyannasinaq to our incredible panelists: Dr. Alisha Drabek, Dehrich Chya and Hanna Sholl. Several community members have also shared their personal naming stories and those will be at the end of the video. Pacific Northwest Alutiiq Culture Camp has been providing cultural connection for Alutiiq People since 2019 through the support of generous donors including the Bristol Bay Native Corporation Education Foundation. BBNC Education Foundation has provided support for this video resource: Quyanaa BBNCEF!

Alutiiq Dance - 2020

Alutiiq Dance class in 2020 was led by Hanna Agasuuq Sholl. Hanna taught 10 dances online starting at the beginning of the pandemic. These classes helped our kids through the first stages of the pandemic and gave joy to everyone who attended.

We also want to recognize our planning team for their ability to quickly pivot to online programing during the pandemic. 

Naniq Knowledge Share  - 2022

The Naniq knowledge share was facillitated by Heather Metrokin Cannon and Jessica Towns-Camara. This video was recorded after the actual event to make it more concise. We look forward to seeing the naniit you create.